Comquest Global LLC is a 214-licensed company established in US providing a wide-range of premium telecommunications services for off-shore call centers and wholesale quality routes to International Carriers in various parts of the world.

Comquest Global LLC is also capable of assembling expert management teams to do detailed project studies and forward-looking strategic planning, including project management and supervision services designed to ensure that all aspects of a project are effectively planned, coordinated, controlled, properly integrated and executed in order to deliver the desired results on time - to specification and within budget.

Complementing the above activities, Comquest also provides business process outsourcing and other value added services that helps small to medium sized call center businesses grow everyday.technical support thru this local affiliate Airlive Communications, Inc.

Comquest provides management support - sales and marketing, business development, training and quality service management team that complements these operations and help operators prosper in this highly dynamic BPO and Call Center Industry.