Level 3 Communication can help you manage today’s massive data demands, allowing you to easily deliver high-performance applications to your users anywhere in the world. It can right-size and scale your network for maximum efficiency, connecting you to our full range of speeds from 1 to 100 Gbps. And by handling more bandwidth with fewer network elements, you’ll find your solution is not only easier to scale and operate — but more economical, too.

Data keeps piling up. Cloud computing, multimedia distribution, high-speed transactions, analytics — managing and delivering it all can easily overwhelm any business.

We tackle these challenges every day, for organizations of all sizes, all over the world. This expertise is built into our Level 3 Wavelength service, which can transform your existing network by improving scalability, performance and efficiency — all while lowering costs.

Optimizing customer experience is the name of the game. To maximize efficiencies and growth, you need a network that easily supports your expansion plans, handles swells in bandwidth, and can meet the demands of global connectivity.

Because it is impossible to be everywhere, Telstra has assembled world leading peering arrangements to minimise the total number of data hops required. It offers access to over 130 Gbps of private peering across Asia, over 400 Gbps in the US, and more than 120 Gbps in major network access points around the world. In this way, Telstra provides Centrovox' customers with the scalability and flexibility customers may require.

We can help. Through Level 3's IP Services, your tasks can be made easy. Applications benefit from fast, reliable performance with high data delivery and low latency. A unified platform, pricing flexibility and bandwidth to grow — it all adds up to a consistent solution your business can rely on.

Level 3's MPLS/IP VPN services have flexibility built in and can deliver secure, private, any-to-any service over our global footprint. And its range of billing options meet any budget need. Whether you’re migrating to MPLS/IP VPN or leveraging your existing solution with us to add voice, video or dedicated Internet, Level 3’s solution architects, sales engineers and security experts are

Get the custom-fit solutions and expertise you need to succeed.